Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Under the Radar YAs

I’ve been reading some pretty obscure books lately. Well, listening to some pretty obscure books.

Because my commute to work has totally changed, I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks, and I’ve been restricted to the audiobooks my library has on its Overdrive. It’s not exactly the best selection. Neither of the two books, both of which are relatively unknown YAs, really needs a post of its own.

So I want to try a new concept: Buy, Borrow, Bypass, based on the BookRiot feature of the same name. Basically you take several books around the same theme and determine which of them is worth your ever-limited reading time. So I guess the theme this week would be under the radar YAs, and I only have two. I’m easing into it, okay?


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Top Ten Tuesday #12: Ten Recent Additions to my TBR


I should have made this a Top Ten Tuesday on ten reasons why I haven’t been able to write much (or read much) this month. Work and life are leaving me both physically and emotionally exhausted, and I have had barely any time to read – let alone write about reading. But I miss it – I miss the creative outlet and the stress relief. So I managed to put something together for this week’s TTT.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie, and I’m choosing to do top ten books I’ve recently added to my TBR. This was actually the topic last week, but I completed missed it in a haze of work deadlines and travel. But better late than never!

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Freebie: My Reading Tracker Spreadsheet!


Who wants to talk about math!? That’s why you’re on a book blog, right??

I am by no means a math person, but one thing I do love is statistics! I love reading people’s end-of-year book stats and Goodreads Year in Reviews. I think end-of-year statistics are a great way to track your reading progress, as well as a useful means of discovering  new  things about your own reading habits and quirks.

But I also want more than what Goodreads has to offer in terms of tracking. They have some good information but it’s definitely not enough to paint a full picture of my reading life. I don’t just want to know my average rating – I want to know my average rating cross-referenced with publisher, publishing year and number of pages! GIVE ME MORE.

So I want on a quest. An Internet quest. An Internet quest for the best book tracking spreadsheet I could find! Join me, won’t you?

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My 2016 Book Bucket List

I’ve been doing some thinking. After my difficult experience with reading challenges in 2015, I think I’m going to take a more relaxed approach to setting reading goals in 2016. The only official “challenge” I’m going to participate in is the Goodreads Challenge, because it’s so convenient and open-ended.

I also made a Book Bucket List, a list of all the books that I hope to read sometime. Definitely won’t be able to tackle all of them this year, but I thought these would be a good selection of books to kick me into gear in 2016!

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