Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and Bookish. 

Going through my books, I noticed that I tend to read a lot from different authors. There’s so many new books from so many new authors, that in many cases, I’ve read the newer books without exploring the older titles. I don’t tend to serial read from a single author. As such, I’ve only listed my top seven authors, which are all the authors I’ve read five or more books from.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor: 22 books

NaylorMy girl Phyllis! She’s written over fifty books, but all the ones I’ve read by her are from the Alice series, which I grew up on. I’m currently in the process of re-reading all of the Alice books and it has been a wonderful experience re-visiting the world I loved as a kid.

J.K. Rowling/Robert Galbraith: All books (10)


JKR/RG is one of my automatic-buy authors. I’ll read anything she writes. I’ve read all of Harry Potter, plus the two existing Comoran Strike mysteries. The third one, Career of Evil, comes out in October, and I’m really excited for that one as well.


Jodi Picoult: 10 books

My Sister’s Keeper was the first grown-up book I ever read! After that I was hooked, and I serial read a hefty chunk of her catalog. I think my favorite ended up being Plain Truth, set within an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Even though I have since moved on to other authors, Jodi was a great introduction to the world of adult fiction.


Lemony Snicket: 9 books

Like many children of the early 00s, I devoured A Series of Unfortunate Events. I petered off after book nine, only a few books before the end of the series. I heard the ending was a bit disappointing. for some people, so maybe I picked the right time to move on.


Sarah Dessen: 8 books

The queen of contemporary YA. In some ways I think these are a grown-up Alice series. They all star the sort of Everygirl that bookish teens tend to want to emulate (or I did, anyway), and there was always a hefty dose of too-good-to-be-true first romances in every story. After a long break from the Dessen-universe, I recently read Saint Anything, which I think was a good, more mature shift for the author.

William Shakespeare: 5 playsMTE1ODA0OTcxNzgzMzkwNzMz

Between my AP English courses and a Shakespeare elective in college, I’ve gotten my a good introduction Bard. I am actually thinking of going through and re-reading some of these plays, as well as tackling the ones I’ve missed.

maxresdefaultDavid Sedaris: 5 books

The first non-fiction books I read by choice. I started with ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day‘ (which, based on the cover, I had previously thought was a really sad immigrant story), and have been reading them ever since. My personal favorite is When You Are Engulfed in Flames, which I think is his most tender, without sacrificing humor.


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