Book Cover Guessing Challenge


Saw this on the blog of Anette Reads and I thought I would give it a try. The challenge was originally created by Trey Schnarr Books, and the concept is basically that you judge a book you know nothing about by its cover and then see how off-base you are (or aren’t). I decided to just do YA covers, because I think their plots will be easier to guess. I also chose to use books found on my list of Goodreads Recommendations. So here we go!

SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi

10429045My guess:

It’s about a beautiful girl (this is YA, so duh) who has some sort of secret magical power that kills everyone she touches. Or shatters them. At first she thinks its a curse and then she realizes that its actual the ultimate power and she can use it to manipulate people. Maybe this is a dystopian scenario and she uses it to overtake the government, or the government wants to destroy her. And there’s a love triangle. Because YA dystopia.

How close I was:

Really close! Juliette is locked up by the Reestablishment, her dystopian government, for murdering someone with her touch, and then she must decide to become a tool for the government or join the resistance and be a “weapon or a warrior”. There’s also a love triangle involving two characters named Warren and Adam. This book sounds horrible. I am pretty impressed with how close I was! But also disappointed that every YA dystopian is so formulaic. Only other thing I should have guessed was that its a trilogy because OF COURSE IT IS. Where’s the movie deal?

NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL by justina chen headley

3238153My guess:

This blonde and obviously beautiful girl tragically doesn’t realize how blonde and beautiful she is. She probably had some traumatic upbringing and one of her parents is definitely dead. Maybe they left her a compass and she has to learn to navigate with it and also “navigate her life” and “find her path”. A brooding high school boy helps her learn to see her own beauty and also learn how to let people in again.

How close I was:

Kinda close. Terra has an overly-controlling dad and meek mother and also some kind of scar on half her face that keeps her from seeing her true beauty, so I was off there. There’s some stuff about cartography (hence the compass?). There is a “handsome but quirky Goth boy” who forces her to challenge herself and her assumptions. There’s a cliffhanger in the description of whether or not she will be able to “find her path”. I’m guessing she does.

ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER by stephanie perkins


My guess:

This one is hard. I didn’t read Anna and the French Kiss either, but I’m guessing they’re both contemporary romances. This might be a companion to Anna. Isla lives in New York and is looking for love and wants to find her happily ever after. She’s also very fashionable and has an internship in some sector of the fashion world. And that’s all I got.

How close I was:

Not close. Only one part of the book takes part in Manhattan, over the summer when Isla starts dating “introspective cartoonist” (LOL) Josh. But then they book go back to school in Paris and have to navigate love and growing up, college, etc. This one was definitely the hardest. We should all be so lucky to find our own introspective cartoonist.

BREATH, ANNIE, BREATHE by miranda kennally


My guess: I always see the spine of this book and I always almost pick it up. But I’m guessing Annie is a star athlete at her high school on the track or cross-country team. She uses running as an escape to avoid thinking about some traumatic past occurrence. She might have some sort of anxiety problem. She is “running” from her problems (#symbolism) but has to learn that she needs to deal with her past problems head-on to move past them; the only way out is through. And because YA there is a perfect boy to help her navigate her past.

How close I was: Annie races a marathon to deal with her guilt about feeling responsible for her ex-boyfriend’s death. Some guy named Jeremiah cheers her on, and she’s attracted to him but doesn’t want to open up to love again after said ex-boyfriend’s untimely demise. So I was semi-close-ish. This book actually sounds pretty good.

This tag was really fun! I tag and encourage anyone who wants to try it. Maybe you’ll find some new favorites.


3 thoughts on “Book Cover Guessing Challenge

  1. I love your guesses! I, too, want an introspective cartoonist.

    I also think Shatter Me sounds less than appealing but everyone keeps raving about it so I might try the first book sometime. Probably not. Maybe.


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