Book Traveling Thursday #4: Fall Feelings


I struggled with this week’s theme, which is to pick a book that gives you nostalgic fall feelings.  There are a lot of books that give me summery or wintry feelings, but significantly less than get me nostalgic for fall. But one book that does remind me of fall is Dare Me by Megan Abbott. On the surface, it’s a story about high school cheerleaders and a murder, but its actually a much darker exploration of blind loyalty, friendship, ambition and power. It reminds me of fall not only because it takes place in autumn, but also because I bought it at Waterstone’s when I was studying in London in Fall 2013, and I finished it right before Halloween. Anyway! On to the covers:

Cover from my country:

dare me

This appears to both the US and the UK cover, and its the cover I bought myself. It’s certainly very eye-catching, which is why I picked it up. Design-wise, I think it’s really quite beautiful but I don’t think that it represents the book all that well. It looks more like the cover of a dark romance novel and much less like the psychological thriller that it is.

Favorite Covers:

Dare_me_DHB_FC         Dare-Me-re-size

Weird thing: the one on the left is listed as being the UK cover, but it’s definitely not the one I bought there. Maybe it was a reissue. Anyway, I like this cover because it looks so mysterious and intriguing.The dark color scheme and the claw-like hands make this a better fit for the book itself. The cover on the right is the South African edition. I think it’s beautiful – the light, the bokeh effect, I think it’s great. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the font choice – I like the look of the capital letters more.

Least Favorite Covers:

covers_316338      Megan-Abbott-Daag-me-uit-Dare-Me-2014

Sorry the left image is slightly blurry — it was the best picture I could find of the Hungarian edition. I think this cover looks very creepy and witchy – the lime green font and the sepia color scheme. It’s the cover that is most literal to the book itself, which I guess is nice, but I don’t like it artistically. I think it looks kind of amateurish. The cover on the right is the Dutch cover, which I think is creepy and voyeuristic and is showing her upper thighs for no reason except to catch people’s eye. It’s like the design dudes found out it was about cheerleaders and we’re like “NICE let’s do a crotch shot!” and definitely never read the book.

That’s my BTT this week! Let me know which cover is your favorite and link me to your list in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursday #4: Fall Feelings

    • I have mixed feelings on it! It was definitely creepy and like nothing I’ve ever read before, and Abbott is an amazing writer — really great imagery and metaphors, so I recommend it if you’re in the mood for a cheerleader murder mystery!


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