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Long, long ago (like two weeks ago) Ashley @ Dreaming Through Literature was kind enough to tag me in the Bath & Body Works Tag. At first I was like, oh cool, easy! Then I realized…I’ve never been to Bath & Body Works. I’ve definitely walked past them, pretty sure I’ve gotten Christmas presents from there, but I’ve never actually been in one myself. I’ve heard good things..especially regarding their autumnal pumpkin scents? Anyway, I’m doing this tag even though I have no knowledge of any of the scents. So consider that a disclaimer.

Pure Paradise: A book that was simply perfection

2657        Speak-Laurie-Halse-Anderson

Perfection is tricky. I have read some amazing, fantastic books but I have read very few books that were 100%, absolutely, wouldn’t-change-a-thing perfect. Actually, I can only think of two — To Kill a Mockingbird and Speak. These books were revelations to me, and continue to impact me to this day. If you haven’t read either, they are necessities!

Sweet Pea: A romance/contemporary novel that you really enjoyed


UGH I KNOW this is such a cliche that I almost didn’t put it. But this is a tough category for me…I read my fair share of contemporary romances, but I tend to find that very few of them stand out to me. Or they’ll be really good books, but the romance itself is not my favorite aspect of it. I just really liked this book. I finished it on a StairMaster at the gym and started crying on the StairMaster and it was as embarrassing as it sounds.

Also is this a scent that actually smells like peas?

Fresh Strawberries: A book you really enjoyed that came out this year.


This book totally surpassed my expectations! When Maggie Sanders loses her sight to bacterial meningitis, she also loses her dream of playing professional soccer as well as her sense of identity. But then she meets a young boy – who she can see — and learns that there’s a lot more than meets (or doesn’t meet) the eye. Emotionally resonant, hilarious, thoughtful.

Warm Vanilla Sugar: A character and/or book that made you feel all warm and smiley.


There are not that many books that have made me cry (six) but this one made me ugly sob because I was just rooting for Auggie so much. This is one of the books that just made me want to be a better person.

Paris Amour: A couple you majorly ship.

Sorry about it! But I’m not the only one who thinks so!

Dancing Waters: A book that takes place on a beach/perfect beach read.

I am an unabashed lover of a good beach read! I’m a bit of a crap connoisseur, you could say. And I consider this book to be the perfect beach read. It has a murder mystery that draws you in immediately, and enough juicy gossip and sex to keep you thoroughly entertained the whole time. What else would you expected from the woman who wrote Pretty Little Liars?

I ❤ Cake Books: Favorite book/character.absolutelytrue

One of my favorite characters ever — Arnold “Junior” Spirit from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. He is so brave in the face of adversary, so loving despite his difficult home life, and so funny regardless of all the pain and racism around him. I’m making this book sounds like a major bummer, but it’s actually really, really great. One of my five-star books of the year, for sure. P.S. I think I would really like any scene that is remotely cake-like…but it might just make me really hungry?

Winter Candy Apple: A book set around Christmas or during winter.

This is a book I always associate with winter. Not like, happy Christmas December but more like dreary dark January. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes boarding school books or murder mysteries! So vividly written. But very depressing!

Beautiful Day: A book with an unusual/interesting/appealing setting.


This is the book that first popped up into my head when I read the prompt. Lyra starts her journey in an enchanted, magical version of Oxford University that sounded like such a lovely place to explore, especially for such a young and precocious child.

Dazzling Diamonds: Gorgeous cover(s).


Wait, how is there a scent called dazzling diamonds? What could that possibly smell like? (EDIT: I googled it: ‘a glittering burst of citrus & berries blended with a floral touch’.) Anyway, I have a whole Goodreads shelf of covers that I love, but this one stands out especially. I love the color scheme, the ombre, the font, everything. I am all about judging books by their covers when they’re this pretty!

So that’s my list! This was harder than I thought, but maybe it would have been easier if I had actually experienced the scents. I’m gonna have to track down a Bath & Body Works and investigate for myself!

I don’t think I’m going to tag anyone in this one, but feel free to take a stab at it!


9 thoughts on “Book Tag: Bath & Body Works Book Tag

  1. This is really interesting! I’ve never seen a Bath and Bodyworks tag, but I am a die hard fan/customer. I love Bath and Bodyworks, especially their winter specials like peppermint and candy apple. The interpretations of the different scents is really interesting. And, on a bookish/fangirl note, you read The One Thing, too!?! I loved that book!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohh interesting! I definitely need to get to a Bath and Body Works so I can get in on this thing. Yes, I loved The One Thing! Surprised it’s not getting more press, actually. It was such a good story!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, yes you do ; D

        It’s one of my favorite books I have read so far this fall : D I’m sort of shocked about that too, especially because it is a Disney Hyperion book. I did what I could on my social media to get it out there, so I’m hoping more people read it and experience the wonderful story. I loved Ben so much! ❤

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  2. 1. I’ve never read Speak.. I’m a little ashamed..
    2. No shame, the Fault in Our Stars was great. I will second it for you.
    and 3. No sweet pea does not smell like peas! hahaha I believe a sweet pea is a flower..? I wouldn’t quote me on that. But I really like that scent I had it in my car for a long time 🙂


    • Ohhh okay!! I was gonna be a little grossed out if people are using pea-scented body wash haha. I will investigate that, I need a new car sent thing.

      You should definitely read Speak! I think I got it for like 4.99 on Book Outlet, it’s really a special book, and I think especially relevant if you want to teach in the future!

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