OKAY, I GET IT NOW. (AKA: Maria discovered Cinder)

I have yet to master the fine art of book blog photography..

SO while you and every other book blogger has been excitedly awaiting the release of Winter,  I was kind of like, “what’s the deal with these books, anyway?”. I knew the basic premise – futuristic fairy tale retelling with added cyborgs. And I was kind of like, eh. Maybe some other time. I WAS SO NAIVE.

BUT THEN, one fateful day, I was returning a very mediocre book to the local library and I stumbled across Cinder on the bottom shelf of a display case. And so I said, well, why not? So I checked it out.


I don’t know how I managed to get this far in my book-reading life without discovering this magical series. I love the plot, I love the characters, I love the setting, and the political intrigue and the race-against-time search for the cure. Even after only ten pages I was like, “ohhhh, I get it now!”. I 100% understand the ubiquitous love for this series and these characters.

Okay, so I’m only 130 pages in (so please don’t leave any spoilery comments), but I wanted to predict what I think is going to happen. My current theory is that Cinder is actually Princess Selene, and that she somehow escaped Luna and was taken to Earth. The reason she is part cyborg is from all the reconstructive surgery they had to do following the botched murder attempt. And I think the book (or series?) will end with her and Prince Kai overthrowing Queen Levana and Cinder assuming her rightful place on the throne.

That’s my theory 130ish pages in! I just had to share. I’m going back to reading now, AND REMEMBER PLEASE DON’T SPOIL ME.




19 thoughts on “OKAY, I GET IT NOW. (AKA: Maria discovered Cinder)

  1. All of the hubbub surrounding Winter reminds me that I need to continue this series. I read Cinder a few years ago, and I really loved it. I even bought the second book in the series, but I lost it a few weeks later when I moved at the beginning of the year. I’ve never lost a book before! I may have forgotten I purchased a certain book once or twice, but I’ve never flat out lost one before. I’m definitely checking it out during my next library visit.

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    • I definitely recommend it! I just finished the second one, and it’s a great addition to the series…definitely worth tracking down again. I’ve lost books while moving too! They tend to disappear amongst all the boxes.


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