I made a Twitter!

Conveniently found this on Google Images


I have been missing in action in a very big way the last two weeks. I have been swamped with work, family, friends, and life in general. I have missed out on so many quality posts from my favorite book bloggers, and I have a lot of catching up to do!

But, due to popular demand (and by that I mean Jordyn said I should), I have made a Marwhal Reads Twitter! I have creatively chosen the handle @marwhalreads.

Please follow me and let me know your usernames so I can follow you back! I am so new to Twitter, and I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m excited to figure out!

Sometimes it just feels like such a big time commitment to really settle in to write a quality blog post, and I’m hoping that Twitter will be a way for me to keep in touch with y’all on a more casual and frequent basis. Plus, I hope it gives me a chance to get to know some of your “in real life” thoughts, feelings and hobbies.

Let’s be Twitter friends! Teach me the ways of the Twitterverse. 🙂


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