Cover Love: Favorite and Least Favorite Book Covers of 2015


Happy Sunday! Here is something a little different today. I was looking at My Year in Books thing on Goodreads, and I noticed how many beautiful covers were on my list! I’m a sucker for a beautiful book cover, and I decided to make a list of my favorite covers from book I read this year! And, of course, I had to include my three least favorite covers of the year too. Spoiler: The Diviners made both list.



The Martian by Andy Weir

Orange is not a color I generally like – I’m a cool colors person myself, but I loved the orange ombre that The Martian decided to go with. It’s so eye-catching, and looks amazing against the white text. I don’t know why anyone would choose the movie cover over this one! Sorry Matt Damon.


The Heiresses by Sara Shepard

This is a book a lot of people might not be familiar with – it was my favorite delightfully trashy book of 2015! I think if you liked We Were Liars, you would really enjoy The Heiresses. It’s by the woman who wrote the Pretty Little Liars series, and it has the same sort of ‘fashionable but terrible girls’ thing going on. And I this this cover is just beautiful – its one of those covers that instantly makes you want to go there.


These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

One of my favorite books of the year, and also one of my favorite covers! This cover is so eye-catching that I was drawn to it even when I saw the thumbnail on NetGalley. The juxtaposition of the roses and the grave are a perfect metaphor for the central theme of the book – that the beautiful world of high-society New York is hiding the dirtiest and most dangerous secrets. Check my review here!


Honor Girl: A Graphic Memoir by Maggie Thrash

And sometimes you like the cover more than the book itself. The only graphic novel was actually a memoir by Maggie Thrash. The artwork in it was so beautiful and I especially love the way the sky looks here, especially against Maggie’s silhouette. I didn’t find the story very satisfying, however, but the beautiful artwork made up for it! See more artwork in my review!


We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

This book was so delightfully creepy and it had the perfect cover to match! I love the perspective and I especially love the cat. It’s just the most perfect cover to text matchup.


The Diviners by Libba Bray

It is a truth universally acknowledged that THOU SHALL NOT CHANGE THE COVER DESIGN MID-SERIES. This beautiful, lovely cover is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. I love the muted background colors, the picture of the eye, and the gold framing. This is a cover that makes me want to pick up the book. See below for the egregious cover swap, and see my review of it here.

why not me mindy kaling

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

Mindy is great. I love that she is a smart and funny kick-ass woman while still being a girly-girl in that she’s very passionate about fashion and clothes. You can be both! I think this cover is just beautiful – she looks classy and beautiful AF, and that shade of blue (Tiffany’s? Robin’s egg?) is one of my favorite colors ever.


Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

This cover is so fun. I love that it combines this classy-looking old-school photography with some very modern emoji-looking heart doodles right over the eye. I might be reading too much into it, but its sort of metaphorical for the concept of the book itself: this timeless concept of love and dating (the classy suit and photography) that has been really deeply changed by modern technology (the phone in his hand and the eye doodles). Or I’m reading way to much into it — either way, great cover and book! My review is here.

Least Favorites:


How to Be Brave by E. Katherine Kottaras

I think the blue doodles on the cover are what ruin it for me…it give the cover an amateurish look. This book has a cool setting (Chicago) and a lot of fun adventures and themes in it, and I wish they had illustrated some of those on the cover! I wrote about the book here.


The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis

This one is hard for me because I really liked this book! I just don’t know why they opted with a green and pink on brown color scheme. The main character is blind, so I get the dark background, but the colors are very clashing. Different colors and it would have been fun!


The Diviners by Libba Bray

Scroll back up and look at the original cover so you can fully appreciate how beautiful it was, and what a letdown the cover change is. I am honestly very curious as to what the conversation was at Little Brown that justified this cover change. I think the color scheme is odd, and the  way the characters are drawn looks like a tacky movie poster. It probably would have been fine if not for the original, beautiful cover. Why the change?


Those are my favorite and least favorite covers of books I read this year! What covers made your top list in 2015? Link me in the comments!

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23 thoughts on “Cover Love: Favorite and Least Favorite Book Covers of 2015

  1. Honestly, I have to disagree with you on the Diviners cover change: I love the change. First, because the favorite color is purple and second because I feel like the new cover is very reminiscent of a 1920’s movie and I love those. The title is very movie screen with it’s kind of 3D aspect and I’d rather have that cover than the original. But I TOTALLY agree with what you said on These Shallow Graves though I had never thought of it that way. You’re totally right about that contrast showing what the book is about.

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  2. I think my issue with the cover of How to Be Brave wasn’t so much the doodles, but the fact that the girl on the cover is probably supposed to be the MC but she isn’t big at all. Like she’s perfectly normal sized in my opinion hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know!! I meant to say that too! So annoying, and I might be reading too much into it, but it makes me wonder if the publishers were ‘afraid’ to feature an actual plus-sized woman on the cover, in case it would turn people off from reading the book. Which is very against the message of the book. Annoying!

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