Freebie: My Reading Tracker Spreadsheet!


Who wants to talk about math!? That’s why you’re on a book blog, right??

I am by no means a math person, but one thing I do love is statistics! I love reading people’s end-of-year book stats and Goodreads Year in Reviews. I think end-of-year statistics are a great way to track your reading progress, as well as a useful means of discovering  new  things about your own reading habits and quirks.

But I also want more than what Goodreads has to offer in terms of tracking. They have some good information but it’s definitely not enough to paint a full picture of my reading life. I don’t just want to know my average rating – I want to know my average rating cross-referenced with publisher, publishing year and number of pages! GIVE ME MORE.

So I want on a quest. An Internet quest. An Internet quest for the best book tracking spreadsheet I could find! Join me, won’t you?


The first reading tracker I found found was Amanda Nelson’s post on Book Riot about her book spreadsheet and IT IS AWESOME! It has a ton of different categories to track that provide a ton of more information than Goodreads does. I used this as the basis for my own spreadsheet.

It didn’t quite have everything I was looking for, so then I found a post on Vox by Amy McLay Paterson about her own book tracking spreadsheet and what it taught her. It had a few more trackers that I found interesting, including the reason why you’re reading that particular book (continuing a series, word of mouth, etc). I added this column to my own spreadsheet, as well as a few others that I found interesting.

Basically I created a hybrid of the two spreadsheets that had all the information I was most interested in. And I have no idea if anyone would be interested in using it besides me, but I thought I would share it with all of you!


Marwhal Reads 2016 Reading Spreadsheet!

To save my spreadsheet template, open it, click “File”, “Make a Copy”and save it to your own Google Drive.

Things you can track on my spreadsheet:

  • Obvious stuff, like title and author, and how you rated it.
  • Technical stuff, like publisher, year published, page count and format (ARC, Kindle, paperback, etc).
  • Dates, like when you started and finished it, and how many days it took you to read it (automatically completed with a formula).
  • Genre and secondary genre, so Winter would be young adult and fantasy. Will make a cool pie chart later!
  • Why I read it: Am I finishing a series? Did I get an ARC? Did it win a lot of awards?
  • Author demographics: Everyone says they want to read more diversely, and this might help you hold yourself accountable. I included fields for gender, nationality, yes/no POC and yes/no LGBTQIA.
  • Pages to date – an automatic list that will automatically calculate how many pages you have read this year.



Towards the end of the year, I’m going to use these statistics to make some awesome pie charts and bar graphs about my own book life and reading progress. I LOVE CHARTS. For the uninitiated, I would be more than happy to show you how I make these graphs and charts so you can collect your own nifty information!

I hope you like it and find it useful! I am still an Excel novice, so if anyone has any suggestions about what should be included or removed or a different way or formatting it, I am absolutely open to suggestions. Let me know what you think!!



20 thoughts on “Freebie: My Reading Tracker Spreadsheet!

  1. I love this! I have my own spreadsheet except I use Google Drive and it’s not as extensive as yours haha. I have four: Books I Read, Anticipated Releases, Finished Series and Unfinished Series. The Books I Read one only has title, author (with nationality and gender), Genre, month I read it, number of pages and rating. I feel like if I put too much, it’ll feel too overwhelming and I won’t want to fill it out haha

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  2. Wow this has a lot of things! I don’t really use any kind of spreadsheet but now that I know of them it would be great to have one and as you said at the end of the year have some stuff of the books I read. This is really cool and thank you for sharing!

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  3. This is such a wonderful idea! I’ve never been hugely organized with my book reading, and I think the closest thing I had to any sort of system was last when year when I did the Goodreads challenge. I’m doing the Goodreads challenge again this year, but I’m thinking a spreadsheet might make that a lot more fun? I will definitely have to see because I know I like charts and graphs and numbers though I am by no means a math person. Thanks for sharing!

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    • No problem, I hope you enjoy it! I’m not a math person at all, but what I love about Excel/Google Sheets is you can get it to do a lot of the math for you once you know the formulas! My reading life is pretty much the only facet of my life that is even remotely organized!


  4. You’re so fancy. One of my student’s dad came in to class to teach the 4th & 5th graders basic excel and I was sitting there like *durhhhhh* because it’s a labyrinth of complex functions and black holes. I’m totally downloading 🙂


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